2nd – Boulet

Welcome to Exciting 2nd Grade

This year is going to be an exciting year of learning!  Students will be learning in all academic subjects: Math, Reading, Science, Language, Writing, and Social Studies.

  • Math Curriculum is based from Eureka Math. For parent support click here.  Or if students desire extra practice in Math they each have an account through IXL.
  • Reading Curriculum is based from reading groups.  Students are grouped by ability levels, and we work on fluency and comprehension.  Please support your child every night listening to them read and asking them to summarize what they read.  For additional support in reading our school has accounts with Starfall and Brainpop.

reading_countsReading Counts is a comprehensive reading program in Douglas County.  Your child will read and answer 10 comprehension questions that goes with the RC book.  Your child needs to earn 20 RC points for each grading trimester.  Challenge your child to double the required amount of points!

  • Science Curriculum is based on the new State Science Standards called STEMS.  The 2nd graders will be studying the Life Cycle of the Painted Lady Butterfly in the spring and the Life Cycle of the Kokanee Salmon in the fall. We also will be studying units in Magnets as well as Force & Motion.  We are a strong Place-based School where in Science 2nd grade will be learning about the fish of Lake Tahoe. We will have several field trips this year which will enhance the curriculum.
  • Social Studies will be studying the 7 continents and their cultures.  We have a Map Skill workbook which teaches the child skills in the reading and locating of maps.  We will be studying the compass rose and how to read the Map Key.  We will be using many resources as well as the globe in our many activities.
  • Language Arts involves not only the parts of language but also Spelling and Writing.  We will be using the Thinking Maps to organize our thoughts as well as models of writing.  In 2nd grade your child will be writing a Personal Narrative, Informative, and Persuasive writing papers.

Special classes each week are Computers, Art, P.E. and Library.

Important Dates to Remember!

  • September
    • 7th: Back to School Night
    • 22nd: Walk-A-Thon
  • October
    • 23 – 27th: Fall Break
  • November
    • 3rd: Teachers Work Day/Parent Conferences by appt.
    • 10th: Veteran’s Day
    • 22-24th: Thanksgiving Break
  • December
    • 1st: Teachers Work Day
    • 15th: Minimum Day
    • 25-Jan 5th: Winter Break

Contact Info:

Karen Boulet, Rm. 3

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  • June 1st     Last Day of School!!  12:40 Dismissal

Yeah!  Summer is here!