Douglas County School District Accountability Report Released

2016-2017 Accountability Report for the Douglas County School District is available online at and on this site on the ZCES School Stats page.

This report is also available on  Copies are available at your child’s school or at the District Office located at 1638 Mono Ave. in Minden.

Key results for ZCES:

  • Student population: 189
  • Student/Teacher Ratio: 21:1 (lowest in DCSD)
  • English Language Learners: 13.7%
  • Students on an Individual Education Program (IEP): 16.9%
  • Students eligible for free or reduced lunch/breakfast: 40.7%
  • Student Average Daily Attendance (all students): 94.5%
  • Incidence of violence to students or staff, weapons or controlled substances: 0
  • Incidents of bullying or cyber-bullying: 6
  • Summary of Standards-Based Test Performance:
    • Reading:
      • 19% of students performing in the lowest range of achievement
      • 28% of students “Approaching Standards”
      • 36% of students “Meet Standards”
      • 18% of students “Exceed Standards”
    • Mathematics:
      • 31% of students performing in the lowest range of achievement
      • 34% of students “Approaching Standards”
      • 22% of students “Meet Standards”
      • 13% of students “Exceed Standards”